Medela Lactina- Breast Pump Instructions

Lactina Breastpump Instructions

Medela Lactina Electric Breast Pump Instructions

Lactina® Electric Breastpump Kit




Attach pump connector to Lactina, and rotate until tab is secure.



Push piston into pumping arm, and rotate until snug in clamp



If 2-piece breastshield assembly: Make sure breastshield and connector are securely attached.



Snap membranes onto valves until membranes lie completely flat.



Push assembled valve & membrane onto connectors/ breastshields.



Screw containers onto connectors/breastshields.



Insert clear ends of tubing into openings in connectors/ breastshields



 Insert other ends of tubing into ports on pump connector 



If single pumping: insert plug into unused port.


Set vacuum regulator ring to “MIN.” Adjust for comfort once pumping begins.




Centre breastshields over your nipples and start pumping.