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Fetal Doppler FAQ's

Fetal Doppler FAQ's



Hire the Fetal Doppler

What is a Fetal Heart Doppler?

A Fetal Heart Doppler uses low frequency ultrasound waves which can detect the fetal heart beat.  The doppler doesn't detect the sound, the ultrasound waves bounce off tissue and blood in the body. This information is then translated  into the sounds of the baby's heart and movements.  A Fetal Doppler enables you to listen to your baby's heartbeat at anytime, easing your mind and allowing you and your family to discover the joy of hearing  your unborn baby during pregnancy.

Why a Pink or Blue Fetal Doppler?

Pink or Blue Fetal Dopplers use the latest technology. The Fetal Heart Rate is displayed on the LCD monitor. It has a waterproof probe, perfect fo water births.

Are Pink or Blue Dopplers safe to use?

Dopplers have been in daily use around the world now for over 30 years.  It is estimated that there are tens of thousands of Dopplers in use everyday. Extensive testing in Australian and overseas have shown no adverse effects to the Mother or unborn baby from Doppler ultrasound.

The Australian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine commented on continuous wave Dopplers like Pink or Blue Dopplers:

"Diagnostic devices emitting continuous wave Doppler ultrasound are used to monitor fetal and neonatal heartbeat. This equipment emits low power levels and its use is not contra-indicated on safety grounds,even when applied for extended periods."

While currently there is currently no evidence available that dopplers are harmful in any way, there is also no research available to show the effects of a Mother using a doppler to listen to her baby two or three times a day thoughout her pregnany. Therefore Pink or Blue recommend you do not use the Fetal Doppler no more than once or twice a day and for no more than a few minutes a day.

Pink or Blue Dopplers are made to the highest safety standards and have been approved by the Federal Department of Health's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Like any medical device,  the Pink or Blue Doppler should only be used for the purpose intended, that is the enjoyment, reassurance and peace of mind of you and your partner.

When Can I use a Fetal Doppler

You can begin to detect the fetal heartbeat between 8 to 9 weeks with a Fetal Doppler.

A majority of people who hire the Pink or Blue fetal doppler start around weeks 10- 12 weeks and keep the unit until the baby arrives.

What if I can’t hear a heartbeat or can't tell whether the heartbeat is the baby's or mine?

Please refer to our page on Using the Fetal Doppler 

Do I need special lotion or ultrasound gel with the Doppler?

You will receive one 250ml bottle of ultrasound gel when you receive your Pink or Blue Doppler.

How long will it take for me to receive my Pink or Blue Fetal Doppler ?

If your order is placed with Pink or Blue by 2pm (AEST), then your Pink or Blue Fetal Doppler will be shipped by  Australia Post - Express Post or a reputable courier company that day. Otherwise it will be shipped the next business day. Delivery within Australia is dependant on the Australia Post delivery schedule.

 What if I don't know how long I would like to hire the Pink or Blue Fetal Doppler ?

When you order online you can choose the hire period, if you need to extend the hire call 1300 787 609.

Is there a minimum rental period required on a Pink or Blue Fetal Doppler?

Yes, there is a minimum hire period of one month.

Hire your Fetal Doppler Now


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