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Using The Fetal Doppler


Fetal Doppler Hire


Using the Fetal Doppler to listen to you baby's heartbeat

See the Fetal Doppler from Pink or Blue on YouTube

There is no better sound than the sound of your baby's heartbeat. Using a  Fetal Doppler can be a great way for you and your family (especially soon-to-be siblings) to bond with your baby.

There are many sounds that can be heard with a fetal doppler including kicks, hiccups and, of course, your baby's heartbeat. A fetal heartbeat can be heard with a fetal Doppler as early as 8-10 weeks. Follow the tips below to get the most out of your Doppler.

  1. Always start with a full bladder, especially in the early weeks (weeks 8-14). This will help to bring your uterus up out of your pelvic cavity
  2. If you are unsure of what you are hearing, or if you have any other concerns, you should seek medical advice from your medical practitioner
  3. Place a small  amount of gel on your abdomen. Start in the middle at the pubic bone if you are in the first trimester, and up by your belly button if you are more than 20 weeks along.
  4. Place the probe directly on top of the gel and turn the unit on. 
  5. Move the probe in a VERY SLOW circular motion moving side to side across your abdomen.
  6. If your fetal Doppler has an LCD heart-rate readout, do not try to read the display until you can hear your baby's heartbeat. Your heart beats at about 60-80 beats per minute, the fetus has a heart-rate between 120-180.
  7. Not hearing the heartbeat before 12-14 weeks is not a sign that anything is wrong with your baby or your pregnancy. Hearing the heartbeat as early as 10 weeks isn't always possible and how early a fetal heartbeat can be heard will depend largely on a number of factors including:
  8. The size and shape of the mother: Taller women and women who are overweight may have a more difficult time hearing the heartbeat in the early weeks. However, by 12-14 weeks, Doppler should be able to pick up a heartbeat in women of all shapes and sizes.
  9. Inaccurate due date: Sometimes it is difficult to determine a due date. If your due date is off by a week or more, you may be expecting to hear the heartbeat earlier than would be
  10. It can take several attempts to pick up a heartbeat. Just persevere avoid moving the probe too quickly as it's easy to miss the heartbeat.

  11. For the best sound quality, use light pressure and keep the probe in contact

If you have any questions regarding the use of the Fetal Doppler you can call Pink or Blue on 1300 787 609 or email info@pinkorblue.com.au

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Pink or Blue Fetal Doppler on YouTube

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